Job Listing


  • Job Title: Retail Trainer
  • Reports To: Head of Training
  • Location: Head Office
Brief Role Description:

Under the supervision of the Head of Training, the Retail Trainer will plan, implement, and manage a structured training and development program for individuals, departments and stores, to meet the needs of the business and team development.

The Retail Trainer will support the Store Managers/Departments in arranging for training sessions to help the staff develop the necessary skills to successfully perform their jobs to attain service excellence through an elevated customer experience and enhanced brand sophistication.

Working with the Head of Training, the Retail Trainer will develop, implement & monitor a comprehensive continual professional development program (CPD) to enable our Pharmacy staff to be best in class, providing a class leading Pharmacy advisory service to our patient.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Work with the Head of Training to facilitate the cascade of company vision, corporate strategy and culture to staff for performance alignment and employee engagement.
  • Liaise with HR/RDMs/Store Managers to evaluate staff training needs, and develop, implement, and monitor training programs within the organization.  
  • Organise and Deliver Corporate Induction for all new staff in collaboration with Operations including carrying out the Pharmacy computer system training, Professional services training and Policies/processes training.  
  • Work closely with Department/Store Managers to develop ongoing training plans for each employee and facilitate Training Modules which support business objectives.
  • Liaise with suppliers/third parties to develop and customize training brochures, materials, multimedia visual aids for presentation.
  • Establish training impact by procuring feedback from customers, staff and Store Managers  
  • Facilitate all training sessions required by Goodlife Pharmacy staff members.
  • Provide the Head of Training with support on logistics, course development, delivery, evaluation, process measurements, and cost management.
  • Working with the Head of Training to oversee the implementation and facilitation of activities and events, preparation of budgets, budget spending, material production and distribution, and other resources to ensure that training spend is managed within authorized budgets.
  • Bridge the gap between facilitation and applied learning by proactively observing selling behaviour with Store management team, providing them assistance to learn and master the Goodlife Customer Service Skills and share best practice.
  • Work with the Head of Training to track and measure the impact of training, review and update the designs of development models which reinforce corporate training programs as well as support specific initiatives.
  • Work with the Head of Training to develop, implement & monitor a comprehensive continual professional development program (CPD) to enable our Pharmacy staff to be best in class & provide a class leading Pharmacy advisory service to our patients
  • To work with local pharmacy training establishments, relevant professional bodies & the PPB to establish a common ‘Gold Standard’ of training excellence   

Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Qualifications Required:
  • Pharmacy Degree or Pharmaceutical Diploma with licence to operate/practice in Kenya
  • Prior experience of Training & Development
  • Ability to facilitate training projects to time and budget  
  • To be proactive & organised in the face of pressure
  • To be able to communicate knowledgably across a wide range of pharmacy subject matter among a diverse audience  
  • Strong communication & motivation skills to make an effective contribution to the positive development of pharmacy operations.
  • Dynamic and self-motivated individual with a strong personality
  • The ability to take  responsibility & ownership
  • Able to prioritise tasks and actions and plan effectively
  • Pharmacy retail operating experience
  • Minimum 3yrs post graduate Pharmacy/management experience
  • The knowledge of the challenges facing the future of Pharmacy
  • A passion to effect positive change
  • Financial & commercial awareness
  • Hands on Operating capabilities  
  • Articulate & Numerate 

Key Internal & External Clients:
  • Central Pharmacy functions/divisions
  • Chief Pharmacist
  • Regional Development managers, regional implementation teams and pharmacy managers
  • Key external training supplier contacts
  • Senior Doctors/Medical personnel  
  • Medicines & Poisons Board of Kenya or equivalent across East Africa
  • National & International Pharmacy organisations – Schools of Pharmacy etc.

Confidentiality and Information Security:

As a Goodlife employee you will be required to uphold the confidentiality of all records held by the organisation, whether patient records or Goodlife information. This duty lasts indefinitely and will continue after you leave the organisation’s employment.

Other Considerations:
  • Willingness to work extended hours where the job dictates  
  • Travel within the East Africa with periods away from home
  • Full Kenyan Driving licence ideal