Job Listing


  • Job Title: Chief Retail Director
  • Reports To: Chief Executive Officer
  • Location: Head Office - Westlands
Brief Role Description:

Managing the operations and performance of all stores in the network. In particular, he/ she will be responsible for:

  1. Identifying new stores, either greenfield or potential acquisitions, and negotiating leases/ purchase price (i.e., businessdevelopment); and
  2. Managing store operations and performance (i.e., operations).
  3. Work with other executives in the organization as necessary to achieve his/ her objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

Mission, policy, and planning

  • Work with the CEO to develop strategic plans to advance the company’s mission and objectives
  • Participate in the development and preparation of short-term and long-range plans and budgets based on broad organizational goals and objectives.
  • Work with the CEO to establish policies to ensure adequate management development and succession for those functions/business units falling under his/her responsibility
  • Maintain awareness of the competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets and new sector development

Business development

  • Identify new locations for expansion in line with the expansion plan, and develop internal proposals justifying the case for each new location
  • Analyze market and demographics and project demand, operations and financials for proposed locations to justify such proposals
  • Lead negotiation of leases or acquisitions, leveraging internal legal counsel as necessary to secure the identified locations


  • Implement business strategies, plans and procedures that optimize sales from existing and new outlets
  • Implement operating policies consistent with the company’s broad policies and objectives and ensure their adequate execution.
  • Assume full accountability for all store operations in Kenya and Uganda, including overseeing daily operations of the stores
  • Institute procedures and controls to facilitate communication and adequate information flow to and from the stores.
  • Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics; appraise and evaluate the results of overall operations regularly and systematically, and report these results to the CEO and Executive Committee. This will range from tracking footfall, sales, costs to analyzing SKUs and stocking levels.
  • Identify non-performing stores and subsequently recommend and institute actions for these
  • Drive creativity in the organization, recommending novel marketing and promotional activities to the Marketing team, while rigorously optimizing product mix and staff productivity.
  • Work with the CEO and HR to effect appropriate staffing and retention models at store level


  • Work with the CEO to prepare material as necessary for Board and Executive Committee updates
  • Participate in relevant Board Committee sessions


  • Work with the Finance team on budgeting, reporting and audit.
  • Work with CEO and CFO to ensure financing to support short- and long-term goals, including securing credit

External relations

  • Act as an advocate, within the public, private, and development sectors, for issues relevant to the company, its services and constituencies.
  • Facilitate the integration of the company into the fabric of the community by recommending effective marketing and communications activities

Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Qualifications Required:
  • A Minimum of 5 years of experience in senior management in consumer service/ goods industry, including consumer retail chains, and banking; healthcare industry a plus
  • Documented success managing high achieving teams driving increasing sales.
  • Good understanding of the Kenyan market, emerging markets in general, and/or new company experience desirable
  • Strong interpersonal skills to develop and maintain relationships with key personnel and partners.
  • Fluency in English for both written and spoken communications. Swahili desirable.
  • Ability to design and execute novel retail strategies to serve the emerging consumer in Kenya.
  •  Bachelor’s degree required, MBA desirable.
  • Candidates should possess communication, decision-making, problem-solving, management and leadership skills.
  • The role calls for oversight of the operations and financial aspects the chain.
  • The role will also assist in strategic functions, or ideas that must be planned in the present to benefit the company in the near future.
  • He/ she is expected to manage and lead a management team, which in turn leads other teams that perform the daily operations.
  • Similarly, the person is expected to instill the company’s
  • vision and core ethos across all personnel.

Key Internal & External Clients:

Executive Team; Heads of Departments; Store Managers; Suppliers & Vendors.

Confidentiality and Information Security:

As a Goodlife employee you will be required to uphold the confidentiality of all records held by the organisation, whether patient records or Goodlife information. This duty lasts indefinitely and will continue after you leave the organisation’s employment.

Other Considerations: