We realize the long term health & well-being, of you & your loved ones is the most important thing in your life. This is why we chose to do things differently to help make your experience at Goodlife worth every minute you spend with us.

  1. At Goodlife we are all about easy, quick, convenient and trustworthy pharmaceutical service. We are able to provide this, through our numerous branches countrywide.
  2. We offer genuine, quality products at a reasonable price, ensuring you peace of mind when buying from any of our stores.
  3. Our highly trained qualified team are always ready to listen to you and understand/answer any questions you may have about your health care needs.
  4. We offer private consulting rooms in which you can consult with our specialized professionals in pleasant, secluded surroundings.

This includes:

- Blood pressure testing

- Blood sugar testing, together with Malaria prophylaxis

- Testing & treatment, Weight management advice

- Emergency contraception & personalized medicine use reviews.

  1. We offer confidential/ digital patient medication records in each branch which means your medication prescription record history will always be available to aid a more efficient & safe prescription dispensing service.
  2. Our digital records also enable our professional team keep us up to date with your prescription schedule which means we are able to contact you when it's time to pick up your next dose. Enabling you receive your prescription on time every time.
  3. When it comes to corporates, we offer customized packages so you and your company can get the best healthcare at the best price.