Medtex Thoracic-lumbar support

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The support helps to limit motions in lumbar and thoracic part of the spine, ensures correct forming of carriage, abates pain in the upper and lower parts of spine. Prevents slouch. Additional removable metal plates help to fi x and plane spine, ensure right posture and reliable support in pectoral and lumbar areas. Medtex Rib Belt ( Men ) - For midterm and late rehabilitation after rib fractures. Rehabilitation after thoracic traumas and surgeries. Medtext Posture Belt ( With Stays ) - Posture brace helps to limit volume of motions in lumbar and pectoral area of spine, ensures correct posture forming, abates pain in upper and lower spine parts. Prevents slouch and restores phisiologically correct position of shoulder girdle. Medtex Sacrolumbal Support ( With Renal Pads ) - For nephroptosis, visceroptosis caused by familial or acquired reasons (the latter include consequences of injuries, operations, weight loss, abdominal and pelvic muscles weakening). Congenital or acquired fixation disorders of intra-abdominal viscera and retroperitoneal structures (including floating kidney). Medtex Elastic Reclinator Light Fixation - Spinal curvatures, (kyphosis, scoliosis), winged scapula. The posture support prevents slouch development, forms habit to hold the back straight, helps to avoid diff erent diseases concerned with poor posture (respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and other disorders). Ensures girdle of superior extremity opening and vertebral bodies relief with preservation of normal muscle tone. Medtex Clavicular Reclinator Intensive Fixation - The reclinator forms proper posture, reduces pain in upper area of spine, prevents slouch. Triangular shape of the reclinator softly distributes pressure to the shoulders. Furnished with Velcro fastener for fi xation.